This plan is based on the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Public Health and WorkSafe NB reopening guidance documents.

Mandatory Public Health recommendations are in place:

  • Physical distancing (1M/2M)
  • Frequent handwashing
  • Cleaning surfaces properly
  • Respiratory etiquette
  • Community mask when physical distancing is not possible
  • Self-assessment questionnaire posted in every entrance

West Riverview Elementary School will be reopening for staff on Monday, August 31st with a full opening for students on September 8th.

  • All staff, students and guests/visitors must self-assess as per the screening questions and must use hand sanitizer and or wash hands upon entry to the school. Parents will be asked to assess their child’s health prior to coming to school each day.
  • Sanitizing stations will be in all common areas.
  • Schedules will be revised to accommodate slower entry and bus times.
  • Students will require 3 masks :
    • 1.) arrivals and dismissals (2 daily)
    • 2.) 1 mask will remain at school in the event if the student becomes ill

Arrivals & Dismissals:

  • Masks are mandatory entering and exiting the building.
  • Entry will be the two front doors – the main office door will be 3-5 staff and students and K-2 staff and students will enter at the front door on the K-2 side.
  • The exits will be the 2 back doors on either side.  
  • Greetings at classroom doors can be air high fives, silly dance etc. but not any physical contact ie. Hugs, handshakes

Hallways / Transitions:

  • Hallways have been marked with directional arrows to reduce cross traffic flow. West side of the hall will be traffic heading toward the back door and East side of the hall for going to the front of the school.
  • Signage will clearly mark spots where classes need to STOP, LOOK and then GO.
  • Only one class can travel through the gym at a time.
  • Dotted lines will clearly mark the path through the gym
  • The stairways also have been marked as up and down. The stairways closest to the front of the school are up and the ones closest to the parking lot are down. Signage will clearly mark the stairways.

Start and End of the Day

  • Students will go directly to their classrooms when they arrive.
  • The playground is closed in the morning.
  • Masks are worn until students are inside their classrooms.
  • Only one family member may pick up/ drop off a child with the expectation where they can stand 2m apart from other parents
  • Walkers /Drop- Offs :
    • Students will be dropped at the bottom of the kiss ‘n drop
    • Students will not be assisted exiting the cars by staff
    • Staff will assist students to enter the school
  • End of Day Procedures:
    • K -5 Dismissal will be by class. Students will get ready for home and line up in the classroom. The Principal and Vice-Principal will assist with dismissal. We will take classes to the buses while the teacher takes the walkers/pick-ups out back. May have to be adjust based on upcoming bus schedules
    • K-2 students will require a tag attached to their bookbag outlining bus student / what bus / walker / daycare
    • Masks are mandatory for morning arrival and afternoon dismissal

Daycares: will drop off and pick up at the front of the school – scheduled when the bus schedule is released.


  • The office goal is to limit the amount of external traffic within school. All face to face meetings should be done via Skype or phone etc. where possible with the exception of meetings where physical distancing can take place.
  •  All visitors must have a scheduled appointment so there is a plan in place for the meeting.
  • Students who are picked up for appointments will be pre-arranged with the teacher and the office. Students will be sent to the office and will wait in a designated area outside the office.
  • Student and Casuals sign-in/Out will be set up just outside the office area by the windows.
  • Visitor log will also be located on the shelf outside the office.

Isolation Room

  • Will be in the small office off the calm room Room # 124
  • If a student  starts to exhibit any symptoms, they are immediately to put their mask on and notify the office. Parents will be notified and picked up by the K-2 front door.

The Learning Centre / Resource (maximum 8)

  • We are able to set up the learning centre with stations 6 ft apart.
  • Student referrals must be made the day before
  • No students can be sent without a referral
  • Kevin or Helen will be checking in with classes
  • Resource groups will be picked up by either Kevin or Helen


The playground and property have been divided into 9 zones:

  1. K-2 side of the school
  2. Quad area
  3. First play structure area
  4. Second play structure area
  5. Gravel play area
  6. Grassy area
  7. 3-5 side of the school
  8. Gym
  9. Fun zone / Learning Centre
  • Each class will be assigned a zone each day for recess breaks. We will create 2 play bins for each zone.
  • Zones will be scheduled on a rotational basis (9 day cycle)
  • Classes will be divided into 2 groups.
    • K-1 and 2 Immersion will Group 1
    • 2 English and 3-5 will be Group 2
  • Each zone will be sectioned off with large pylons and yellow tape
  • Classes will be staggered entering and exiting the playground
  • Minimum of 6 staff on duty to ensure students remain in their bubble

Halls , Washrooms and Fountains

  • Each class will receive:          2 hall passes  –  2 bathroom passes
  • Outside of each washroom will be a chart for 3 passes. Only 3 students may be in the washroom at any given time. Apart from the Classroom Bubble going to the washroom at once. Students will need to self-distance. Floors will be clearly marked.
  • All fountains are being changed to water bottle fill stations.


  • Class bins will be organized each day
  • Equipment will be used by one class daily and sanitized and ready for the next day.
  • Transition through the gym will be limited to one class and the path has been clearly marked. Classes needing to go through the will STOP, LOOK and GO when the path is clear.

Breakfast program

  • Individual wrapped items will be made available to each class
  • Trays will be delivered to classes in the morning
  • Trays will be left outside of classes and picked up by the Breakfast Volunteers

Hot Lunch/ Milk

  • NO program currently will re-assess in October


Custodians will be cleaning high touch surfaces often. Copiers, printers, doorknobs, handles, washrooms etc.

Washrooms will be cleaned and sanitized, prior to school opening each day, again after break and once again after lunch.

The Head Custodian and Principal will co-ordinate replenishing sanitizers/ cleaner / disinfection products and paper towels. Refer to the Cleaning and Disinfectnt Standards Document.

Classrooms will be provided with items for washing down materials. Teachers are responsible for toys or manipulatives being sanitized after each use.

Employees are required to have their own community masks when physical distancing cannot be maintained.

PPE will be made available to each staff

Concerts / Assemblies will be done virtually. This will be the same for Meet the Teacher and Parent teacher conferences

Communication Plan:

Staff will be made aware of the plan on August 31st

Karla will communicate with parents regarding to the plan and new procedures. The plan will be posted September 3rd and Karla will be sending a message to families.

Teachers will email/call/video their individual classes Monday, September 7th – letting students know their classroom location and who their teacher is. Parents will not be permitted to go to classrooms on the first day of school.

  • The exception being new K families which are staggered coming in. 5 -6 students a day will be coming in September 8-10, 2020, students are further staggered by appointments 8:30/8:45and 9am. Parents can remain for 10 minutes to see the class, meet the teacher and turn in forms. Parents must remain masked, students can remove their mask when they are in the class.

Plan will be reviewed regularly, and changes will be communicated to staff, parents and students through Monthly Operational Committee Meetings, Health and Safety Meetings and Staff Meetings

Teachers will set up Teams/ FreshGrade to communicate with families

Plan prepared by Karla Webster and Kevin Sutherland

Reviewed and modified by the Operational Committee:

Karla Webster – Principal       Kevin Sutherland – Vice Principal             Kirsten Gri – EAs      

Helen Smith – Resource        Nathan Taylor – Specialties                       Beth Vlcek – K

Renette Boudreau – 1            Karen Mitton – 2                                       Giselle Arsenault – 3

Stephanie Galbraith – 4         Gisele Boudreau – 5




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